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Gwyneth ‘Nia’ Delyth Elven Bounty Hunter Rogue/Paladin


Name: Gwyneth Nia Delyth, Her friends just call her "Nia"

Character Concept: Gwyneth seeks recompense for her beloved sister; the victim of a drow who sought asylum within her community but later abruptly murdered four people.

Race, Background, Class (Subclass): High Elf, Urban Bounty Hunter, Rogue 2, Paladin 1,

Description: This elven woman appears to be between five foot and five foot three, she is clad in chain-mail baring the symbol of Silverymoon; jewel of the north. Her hair is blonde reaching down as far as the edge of her ears with no curls or knots, a single twig holds back the remainder of her hair in a bun squarely placed at the back of her head. The peaked shape of her nose, chin, and eyes in tandem with her complexion gives the impression that she is a high elf. There is a single blemish consisting of a scar along the right side of her face; it appears to have been a near-miss of her eye reaching down to the bottom of her jaw.

Her equipment consists of the aforementioned chain-mail which is strapped over a green doublet that appears to be the second layer of an outfit. Her shoulders carry the straps of a backpack which appears to be full of various odds and ends; the outer layer consisting of iron buckles, a bedroll, and waterskin all strapped neatly against the burlap folds. Her belt has two pouches that lay strapped shut, just beyond them is the hilt of a longsword on her left and on her right a shortsword hangs just opposite.

Quite well equipped despite her physical physique being that of an average maiden, this she-elf glares about the room with intent. Her unbridled gaze cast across the various faces that pass her by; unintentionally dissuading strangers from approach. Were it not for the equipment she carries baring the symbol of Silverymoon you might mistake her for a troublemaker, seeking a mark in the sea of the crowd.

In addition; Personalty; A headstrong free thinking traveller of the Sword Coast, Gwyneth has trouble taking the advice of others to heart. Her strong will and self determination often causing relationships to dwindle in the midst of ever-changing journeys; it can be a trifle to convince her to derail plans on the fly. She carries with her a sense of self penitence that pushes her beyond her limits in times of dire straights, sometimes purposefully placing herself in harms way to protect something she holds dear to her. Her attitude toward strangers is quite often all business; never dropping her guard around people she hardly knows.

While not on the job in search of bandits, brigands, and her mark; Aelethal. Gwyneth enjoys spending time practising her faith and her skills with a sword. She is ever-mindful of the long life she will spend in the forgotten realms, a restlessness caused by her youth driving her to self-betterment. While at play with her blade she is reminded of her mother who she dearly misses, taking the time to practise daily gives her time to reflect on her hardships and in its own way is a bond between her and her family. If feeling run-down or in need of true rest she often seeks pleasure in simple things such as taking the time to read a book, find a decent meal, or participate in prayer in a temple of her own faith.

Origin: A Silvaeren born within the north bank district in the township of Silverymoon; Gwyneth's family consists of her mother, step father, and twin sister. Marianne Delyth mother of Gwyneth and a hard working tailor; is best known for her previous career as a soldier. Moorhelt Delyth her stepfather works abroad in Mornbryn's Shield; his profession as a merchant keeps him quite busy during the months of Ches, Kythorn, and Eleint. Lelliana Delyth, twin sister to Gwyneth and beloved daughter of Marianne was a loving carefree girl who believed in the goodness of others; no matter their past, or present intentions. Now deceased due to the treachery of the drow her sister Gwyneth has sworn an oath to mete out retribution on those responsible for her death.

Prologue: Silverymoon; jewel of the north and home to many an elf, human, or otherwise. It was here that Gwyneth had been born and it was here she would be raised. Alongside her came her twin sister; a paragon of good intentions in contrast to the mischief Gwyneth brought along with her. The two were inseparable and as the years went on and they grew into young women they would form a bond of trust. Always the sister to find herself tangled in affairs that brought her back to her mothers door; Gwyneth made many friends within the city, her outgoing personality, steady determination, and tom-boyish attitude creating a vacuum of charisma that drew in people who saw her as a natural leader. The older she became the more she became entranced by the idea of being a prominent figure in her home city. Eventually looking to a career that would make use of her talents she would go on to join the city guard; making use of swordplay basics her mother had instilled in her as a youth. Only twenty at the time she learned how to take care of herself taking on the tenants of the township. She excelled at hiding herself away from dangers, safely discerning information from afar without being seen, and fighting dirty in small skirmishes. While she excelled at most activities it was her inability to follow directions without finding creative ways of solving problems that got in the way of her career. Although enriched by the experience she ultimately decided following in her mothers footsteps as a soldier was not the way she wanted to live.

A few years later during the winter month of Hammer, Gwyneth found herself traversing the Moonwood; a forest stretching miles north of Silverymoon and well travelled locale for locals of the region. Her sister had gone ahead of her to forage what she could for the Hammer Hunt. They spent the day together collecting ingredients from the cold winter soil and eventually found their way into a cave system where they had intend to hunt for mushrooms growing along the moisten glacial stone. They travelled within the caves for quite some time eventually coming upon an unusual find. A dark-skinned elf lay injured on the cave floor; His side split so severely he had no way to stand on his own. He spoke very little common or elvish and was naturally quite frightened of the two she-elves. The two argued for quite some time until a decision was made; they would bring the man back with them despite Gwyneth's reluctance.

Months after the encounter with the strange injured dark-elf; glacial frosts of Hammer gave way to the sweet aroma's of Kelda. Gwyneth had decided to travel away from home during the warmer seasons; opting to join her step-father Moorhelt during the peak of his trade. Her sister Lelliana during her time away would begin to feel emotionally attached to the odd Drow, later courting with him despite her mothers warnings of caution. Throughout her travels alongside the caravan Gwyneth found herself feeling content with the work she had laid out for herself. As the weeks pressed on she felt reminiscent of her feelings prior to joining the guard in Silverymoon; later deciding she would seek out a place for herself less centred on her home town.

As the weeks turned into months and the months turned into the new season; Gwyneth and her step-father eventually progressed back home all the while unware of what had transcended prior to their arrival. Archaic symbols lay strewn across several rooms of the Delyth family home, each one ritualistically placed across the floorboards, ceilings, and windows. Upon arriving back to her homestead Gwyneth had been shocked into action; immedietly searching for her mother or sister who may have been harmed. It did not take her long to find what she sought; finding the body of her sister who had been torn asunder by some manner of magic only steps away from her room.

In the weeks that followed the death of Lelliana there had been talk of healing, a pyre in rememberance, and a heavy grievance. Gwyneth participated in very few of the ceremonies; seeking answers in the dissapearance of the dark-elf who had not been seen since the incident. As the days passed she became unable to cope with feelings of guilt; driving herself into leaving Silverymoon to set out on a personal quest to destroy the dark-elf who she deemed responsible for the murder.

Weeks later, after many difficult nights alone in the vast wildernes of the Sword Coast; where many a brigand and beast roam. Gwyneth had come to the city of Waterdeep, despiration clear upon her words as the trail continued to run cold. Having exhaust her supplies throughout her travels it seemed her vendetta would end much sooner than she had hoped. Fortune however had fallen right into her lap; an old dwarf by the name of Hagersfel happened upon her one afternoon and with one simple act of kindness her entire world opened up. Once he had heard her story he felt he could not help but intervene, later introducing Gwyneth to some old friends of his own; Harpers who were well informed. In exchange for work, coin, and sworn loyalty they offered her a place within the organization offering promises of information should she leave a lasting impression. Unable to deny them with what little she had left to her belongings she spent little time considering the offer. Now on the hunt for someone by the name of Bastian Thermander the young elf intends to make a name for herself; lest she lose all hope of avenging her sister.

Plothook: The Fugitive. Your character is on the trail of a ruthless murderer, Bastian Thermandar. Your character earns inspiration for reaching the fire temple and again for defeating or killing Bastian.

Loyalties: Gwyneth is a Harper, she met her mentor while inquiring into her sisters killer within the city of Waterdeep; a dwarf by the name of Hagersfel. He is an old soul who is getting on in his years, in exchange for information Gwyneth takes odd jobs and contractual bounties off of his old colleagues.

Is Might Right?: "Might, strength, and power is a concept derived by those who would place themselves above others in a society comprised of a myriad of heritage, tradition, and good intentions. There is no right way to wield a sword, there is no wrong way to defeat an opponent. While the grey area between murder and the justified killing of a criminal may be plain as day to some; I believe it is truly about the intentions of the one using the power. If the intentions of the wielder are unjust, clouted in misguided judgments and vanity; it is wrong to act upon convictions. However in contrary to this belief if the wielder of this 'might' is just in cause, is certain that they will stamp out whatever it is they wish to triumph in that moment, and will not fail in the action; then in that moment acting on conviction becomes justified be it child, animal, brother, or sister that lay beneath your sharpened edge." - Gwyneth.

Deity: Gwyneth has taken to practising the faith of three deities; she prays to Selune for guidance during long voyages, prolonged hunts during the night, and good fortune when faced with adversity, Mielikki during meal times in thanks for the feast she has received and the blessing of having not gone a day without the strength to press forward, and Eldath who she prays to for guidance and the strength needed to stay her hand when she must choose mercy over violence in the heat of a battle. Though she is devout to all three of these deities and wishes nothing more than to satisfy them with her reverence she reveres Selune above all others out of due diligence instilled in her by her mother; another devout follower.

Music: Daughter - Youth


Marianne Delyth (Mother)

Moorhelt Delyth (Step Father)

Lelliana Delyth (Twin Sister)

Jakob Soldershelt (Proclaimed Nemesis)

Salbros Stelts (Henchman of Nemesis)

Hagersfel Myrtle (Harper Mentor)

Connections: Still in close relation to her mother and step father; Marianne Delyth and Moorhelt, Gwyneth can always rely on them to offer her a place of refuge when she grows tired of the many miles she spends along the roadside. Her family finds her a welcomed sight, though they wish she would move on from her grievances and put down the sword for a more peaceful life.

Once, after having claimed the head of a dubious bandit and his many associates, Gwyneth had the misfortune of running into her quarry's second son; Jakob Soldershelt, a human nearly twenty three in years. He has sworn a vengeance against the she-elf and in his haste has employed his cousin Salbros Stelts, a warlock and member of the Zhentarim. The the two have on occasion made attempts to thwart Gwyneth numerous times, although they have not come into direct conflict with her blade. Aware of the threat they pose to her persons she keeps a watchful eye while camping outside of the many cities in the vast north.

Truths, Rumours, and Lies:

1. Gwyneth seeks revenge for the death of her sister. She believes a drow by the name of "Aelethal" is responsible for the murder and is willing to forgo her vows as a temple initiate to mete out her brand of justice. (True)

2. Gwyneth is actually a half-elf man disguised as a she-elf, she uses illusion magic every morning to keep up her appearance. (Lie)

3. Once, when she believed she had caught the man responsible for the death of her kin; Gwyneth tortured an innocent with both the blade and the pyre until her fiery rage had been satiated. (True)

4. Gwyneth suffers from arachnophobia, she will not and cannot be within ten feet of a spider. (Lie)

5. Gwyneth can't become inebriated! You witnessed her drink an entire keg of ale once, astounded; you never questioned her ability to burp the elvish alphabet again. (Rumour)

6. An active cuddler, sometimes you wake up and she's just .. right there and she didn't even ask first! (Rumour)

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Character Name Eace Background Class Levels

(Picture 300x420)


Character Concept:

Race, Background, Class (Subclass):


In addition; Personalty;





Is Might Right?:




First name Last name (Relation)


Truths, Rumours, and Lies:

1. (Truth)

2. (Rumour)

3. (Lie)

4. (Truth)

5. (Lie)

6. (Rumour)

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On 2/2/2023 at 9:56 PM, IWantBapo said:


Lucas Léonide Blaise


"Distinction between a greater evil, and a cardinal sin begins with the education of the very foundations of law and order."

A citizen devout to self sacrifice, altruism, and piety; Lucas believes that his purpose in life is to serve his patron deity, in return he will be showered with gifts befitting his status as a noble's son and restore his clan's house to its rightful place.


Knighted by the age of sixteen, Lucas has followed in the footsteps of his father and his father's father before him. His family being that of lesser nobility, the house of Blaise once claimed ownership over several hectares of Waterdeep's lower quarters. The house gained the majority of its fame through military expertise, specializing in a unique style of fighting with roots tied to the temple of St. Cuthbert; god of retribution. However after a horrendous upending of leadership the family began to fall into decline, as if cursed by some mysterious power despite its previous successes.

Decades after it had receded, Lucas had been born as a Blaise; the last of his line and heir to his father's legacy. Despite the state of his families affairs he found solace in his prayerful duties as he grew to be a man, later taking it upon himself to step out of the role of a priest to begin practising with the blade - a skill he has yet to cease making use of. Idolizing the stories that fell from the lips of his elders, Lucas seeks to make his own fortune and regain the standing his family once had so many years ago. Now plagued by vague visions that threaten to rob his nights of rest, Lucas has travelled to Sandpyke to seek answers. Later coming upon the realization that he may well find his fortune in the process - a happy coincidence.

Writers Note

Although I have not state it in the brief character history, I would like for the royal house of Blaise to be cursed by a Gorgon, or other appropriately dangerous creature. The reason should be simple enough; someone from the family, namely a predecessor of Lucas had been hired to slay such a beast, and as a result of failing they have suffered the grave consequences. I believe this will add a little more to the game, and give us a narrative reason to learn more of why the family name has been tarnished so easily over the past few decades.


Character Sheet

Lucas Léonide Blaise

Pious, Devout, Warrior.

"Great men live in obscurity, until opportunity raises them upon a pedestal"


Crusader 1

Medium Humanoid (Planetouched) Lesser Aasimar Male, Lawful Good.

Armor Class 19 +4 (Armor) +3 (Dex) +2 (Shield)

Hit Points 12 (1d10 + 2 Con)
Speed 30' ft.

Senses Darkvision 60ft

Languages Common, Celestial,

Base Attack Bonus +1



Base Attack Bonus: +1

Strength 14 (+2)
Climb (2) | Jump (2+3) | Swim (2)

Dexterity 16 (+3) 
Save +3
Balance (3+0) | Escape Artist (3) | Stealth (3) | Open Lock (3) | Ride (3+0) | Slight of Hand (3) | Tumble (3) | Use Rope (3)

Constitution 14 (+2)
Save +4
Concentration (2+3) |

Intelligence 10 (+0)

Knowledge (History 0+1)  | Knowledge (Religion 0+2) | Appraise (0) | Craft (0+0) | Decipher Script (0) | Disable Device (0) | Forgery (0) | Search (0) | Spellcraft (0) | Martial Lore (0+0)

Wisdom 14 (+2)
Save +2
Heal (2) | Listen (0) | Profession (2) | Sense Motive (2) | Spot (0) | Survival (2)

Charisma 14 (+2) 

Bluff (2) | Persuasion (2+3) | Disguise (2) | Gather Information (2) | Handle Animal (2) | Perform (2) | Use Magic Device (2)

 Bold denotes proficiency.



  • Tools None
  • Weapons Simple & Martial
  • Armors Heavy, Medium, Light

Crusader Class Abilities

Furious Counterstrike (Ex): You can channel the pain of your injuries into a boiling rage that lets you lash out at your enemies with renewed vigor and power. Each attack that strikes you only pushes you onward to greater glory.

During your turn, you gain a bonus on attack rolls and damage rolls equal to the current value of your delayed damage pool (see steely resolve, above) divided by 5, and rounding down (minimum +1). You can only gain a maximum bonus on attack rolls and damage rolls of +6 from furious counterstrike. Use the table below to quickly determine the attack bonus and damage bonus from furious counterstrike, based on the amount of damage in your delayed damage pool. This ability's benefits last until the end of your turn.

Delayed Damage
Pool Points
Furious Counterstrike Bonus
1-9 +1
10-14 +2
15-19 +3
20-24 +4
25-29 +5
30+ +6

Steely Resolve (Ex): Your supreme dedication and intense focus allow you to temporarily set aside the pain and hindering effects of injuries. When an opponent strikes you, the injury does not immediately affect you.

You have a delayed damage pool that allows you to forestall the effects of many injuries. This pool begins at 0 with each encounter. When you are attacked, any hit point damage the blow deals is added to your delayed damage pool. At the end of your next turn, you take damage equal to the total stored in your delayed damage pool, which then resets to 0. Any healing you receive can either increase your current hit point total as normal or reduce the total damage in your delayed damage pool. When you receive healing, you choose whether it affects your damage pool, your hit points, or both (you can split the amount of healing as you wish). Most crusaders opt to keep as much damage in their delayed damage pool as possible to maximize the benefit of their furious counterstrike ability (see below).

Special effects tied to an attack, such as energy drain, stun, and so forth, still affect you as normal, and their effects are not delayed by this ability. For example, if you are bitten by a venomous spider, you must still attempt a Fortitude save against the poison immediately, even though the bite damage shifts into your delayed damage pool. By the same token, any other special attack that imposes a condition, such as a medusa's petrifying gaze, takes immediate effect on you.

At 1st level, your delayed damage pool can hold up to 5 points of damage. Any damage beyond that comes off your hit points as normal. The maximum damage your pool holds increases by 5 at 4th, 8th, 12th, 16th, and 20th level.



Lesser Aasimar

Lesser Aasimar As Characters

Lesser Aasimar characters possess the following racial traits.

  • Type: Humanoid
  • +2 Wisdom, +2 Charisma.
  • Medium size.
  • A Lesser Aasimar’s base land speed is 30 feet.
  • Darkvision: Lesser Aasimars can see in the dark up to 60 feet.
  • Racial Skills: Lesser Aasimars have a +2 racial bonus on Spot and Listen checks.
  • Racial Feats: A Lesser Aasimar gains feats according to its class levels.
  • Automatic Languages: Common, Celestial. Bonus Languages: Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, Gnome, Halfling, Sylvan.
  • Favored Class: Paladin.
  • Level adjustment +0.

Level 1: Improved Bull Rush & Power Attack | Level 3: Improved Toughness | level 6; Leap Attack | level 9; Shock Trooper


Inattentive; -4 Listen & Spot Checks




  • Weight: 92.96 lbs. / [58 or less - light | 59-116 medium | 117-175 Heavy ]
  • Status: Unencumbered
  • Penalty: None

MONEY POUCH (1.44 lbs.)

Copper: 00 | Silver: 01 | Gold: 48 | Obsidian: 00 | Platinum: 00

(048 Coins x .03 lbs. = 1.44 lbs. Total Weight)



Equipped items can be retrieved with a manipulate item interaction.

  • Armor (50 lbs.) Scale Mail 30 lb | Heavy Steel Shield 15 lb | Traveller's outfit 5 lb |
  • Weapons (9 lbs.) Battleaxe - 6 lbs. | Javelin x3 6 lb (2ea) |
  • Readied Items (0 lbs.)  | Wooden Holy Symbol |


Stored items can be retrieved with an action.

  • In Backpack (11 lbs.) Backpack - 2 lbs. | 5 Rations 5 lbs. | Flint & Steel | Oil x4 4 lb |
  • Strapped to Backpack (22 lbs.) Waterskin 4 lbs. | Bedroll 5 lb | 50ft Hemp Rope 10 lb | Bullseye Lantern 3 lb |


* Denotes magic item (see below)









Age 26 | Height 6''0 | Weight 126 lbs. | Hair Blonde | Eyes Gold | Complexion Fair skinned

This male appears to be between five foot nine and six feet, he is clad in scaled-mail baring the symbol of Heironeous; god of Chivalry. His hair is blonde reaching down as far as the edge of his ears with no curls or knots, though the subtle glint of oil portrays a lack of hygiene. Rounded features specifically around his nose, chin, and eyes give the impression that his origins are initially human, despite his unusual birth as an Aasimar.

His equipment consists of the aforementioned scaled-mail which is strapped over a green doublet with a second layer of brown leathers. His shoulders carry the straps of a backpack that appears to be full of various odds and ends; the outer layer consisting of iron buckles, a bedroll, and waterskin all strapped neatly against the burlap folds. His belt has two pouches that lay strapped shut, just beyond them is the hilt of a battleaxe on his right side.




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