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  1. @iantruesilver this should be resolved now.
  2. This is simply how IPS works; it's purposefully translating font-specific Unicode implementations to the standard set of emoji fonts used across devices: font-family: "Apple Color Emoji", "Segoe UI Emoji", "Noto Color Emoji", "Segoe UI Symbol", "Android Emoji", "EmojiSymbols";
  3. Potentially doable. There are some existing privacy controls for containers that could be extended.
  4. Those are automatically mapped to the various Unicode emoji circles 🔴 🟠 🟡 🟢 etc.
  5. Rodrigo and I have identified where the problem is and are working to get it resolved.
  6. Doesn't sound entirely implausible. I'd have to spend some time researching and collaborating with @bwatford on the art of the possible.
  7. If they are an old user, their account has definitely been synced, so it's a matter of confirming credentials are right.   Confirm they are logging in with email address rather than display name. This is one of those differences that sometimes gets forgotten. Check email address on the OGMW control panel. Sometimes users forgot what their email address they registered with. They might just need to use the Baldr forgot password tool to reset password (most likely cause being they changed passwords on OGMW since their account synced) If none of the above works, we'll need to cross-check the information. Sometimes users have changed their account email address without remembering they did so, and Baldr was synced with a different email address.
  8. Is death anything more than a doorway?
  9. Only for CS while testing--mainly because the styling looks pretty pathetic and I want to improve it 😄
  10. Well, it does require a sheet with language support to be attached to the game before it's useful. And giving a pulldown option list of known languages from your attached sheets is on my to-do list.
  11. Maybe we need to combine two edits? 😄
  12. Also worth noting, this is phase 1 (the "minimum viable product") of language tags. Implementing the Risus language tag equivalent is still on the docket, as is pulling the list of known languages from your sheets to display in a dropdown.
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