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  2. Mortimer Davorus Mort turned his gaze back to his food and continued to eat. Once the wench was close enough, he motioned for her to come over and then quietly inquired about the nature of the bloodied man's wounds. "If he requires stitches, I can be of service if you have a needle and some thread." Although he had never stitched a living person before, how different could it be from a dead one?
  3.   The shadow hissed back at Arton with great wrath and malice. "Share her fate then!" it spat through Haleth's corpse, and utter darkness crashed down upon the small cell. "Despair!" It commanded. But out of the darkness shone a light, and Arton turned to see the elf, both Rodwen and Irimë at the same time, with raised hand, trying to fend odd the spirit. The light grew quickly in brightness and intensity, until there was nothing but its overpowering shining that turned all vision into white blindness. ...and then the companions awakened, and the nightmare was no more. Before them stood the waking world as they had left it, and even Thammegil now rose amongst them, alive, released from the evil spell. They could see Irimë standing before the rising sun. A shadowy horror hang in the air, lashing against the lady with fingers of darkness, but she was bold, unafraid. She lifted up her hand, slowly, calmly, and it was as though the dawn shone through her fingers. The spirit wailed and vanished as the morning broke over Wilderland.   OOC And that's basically a wrap! There's now just the epilogue left, which is only RP, so feel free to add whatever you want at your own time (and I will likely do the same). For example, you can talk with Irimë and ask questions freely, and she can explain any parts that your characters may not have fully understood. Congrats! I'll start setting up things and thinking how to continue in the coming days, and touch base again with Yelik, Varon and Dio, and see if they want to return to the game for whatever is next to come. 
  4. Oops, forgot to check back in last night or this morning. Lets see if this rings any bells.    
  5.    Athena Galanis a Resilient Quickened who...   TIER 1 EFFORT 1 XP 2   MIGHT SPEED INTELLECT POOL 14 EDGE (0) POOL 12 EDGE (1) POOL 16 EDGE (1) Recovery Rolls (1d6+1):  1 Action, 1 Action, 10 Minutes, 1 Hour, 10 Hours   SKILLS Specialized None Trained Might defense Intellect defense Persuading Healing Sneaking Fleet of Foot (special ability) Inability All knowledge tasks and figuring out puzzles and problems Moving, bending, and breaking things   SPECIAL ABILITIES (Type) Speaker Practiced w/ Light and Medium Weapons: You are skilled light and medium weapons, though if you use a heavy weapon the attack is hindered by one step. Enabler. Translation: You can participate in he process of traveling to another recursion. You are most effective at easing a translation. Action to initiate. Fast Talk (1 Intellect): When speaking with an intelligent creature who can understand you and isn’t hostile, you convince that creature to take one reasonable action on the next round. A reasonable action must be agreed upon by the GM; it should not put the creature or its allies in obvious danger or be wildly out of character. Action. Spin Identity (2+ Intellect):  You convince all intelligent creatures who can see, hear, and understand you that you are someone or something other than who you actually are. You don’t impersonate a specific individual known to the victim. Instead, you convince the victim that you are someone they do not know belonging to a certain category of people. “We’re from the government.” “I’m just a simple farmer from the next town over.” “Your commander sent me.” A disguise isn’t necessary, but a good disguise will almost certainly be an asset to the roll involved. If you attempt to convince more than one creature, the Intellect cost increases by 1 point per additional victim. Fooled creatures remain so for up to an hour, unless your actions or other circumstances reveal your true identity earlier. Action. Erase Memories (3 Intellect):  Your words twist the mind of a target within immediate range who is able to understand you, erasing up to the last five minutes of its memory. The target forgets what it experienced during that time. Action. Fleet of Foot (Trained):  If you succeed at a difficulty 2 Speed roll to run, you can move a short distance and take an action in the same round. Enabler.     ... Looks for Trouble on Earth SPECIAL ABILITIES (Focus) Looks For Trouble Brawler: You inflict 1 additional point of damage in melee (including with your bare fists). Wound Tender: You are trained in healing.   EQUIPMENT Offensive Strong Unarmed Attack: Medium (5 Damage) Quick Unarmed Attack: Light (3 Damage) 1-step attack advantage Combat Knife: Light (3 Damage) 1-step attack advantage 12ga Shotgun: Heavy (6 Damage) Immediate range Defensive ARMOR:  1 Micromesh Vest: Light (1 Armor) +1 Speed Effort penalty +$200 instead Artifacts Artifact (Artifact Level):  Description Miscellaneous MONEY:  $400 Street clothes First aid kit Utility knife Cell phone ... Names on Ardeyn     SPECIAL ABILITIES (Focus) Names Name (1 Intellect):  You attempt to discern the common, given name of a person, creature, or object within short range. This ability doesn’t give you power over the target, but it does allow you to address the target by name or potentially learn the real identity of someone in disguise or the common name of an odd object. Knowing the name of a person who hasn’t revealed it to you could provide an asset to your attempts to persuade, fool, intimidate, or ingratiate yourself with the target, depending on the situation. Action. Onomatology: You are trained in the origin, history, and use of names.  Enabler.   EQUIPMENT Offensive Unarmed Attack: Light melee (2 Damage) 1-step attack advantage Whip: Light melee (2 Damage) 1-step attack advantage Dagger: Light melee (2 Damage) 1-step attack advantage Defensive ARMOR:  0 None: Light (0 Armor) +0 Speed Effort penalty Artifacts Artifact (Artifact Level):  Description Miscellaneous MONEY:  17 Crowns Scholar's clothes Quill and ink Reference book:  Study for an hour to get asset on knowledge checks about Ardeyn Lore Notebook   CYPHERS Cypher Limit:  3 Analeptic (Level 6): Substance restores a number of points equal to the cypher’s level to the user’s Speed Pool. Curative (Level 5): Substance restores a number of points equal to the cypher’s level to the user’s Might Pool. Meditation Aid (Level 5): Substance restores a number of points equal to the cypher’s level to the user’s Intellect Pool. Matter Transference Ray (Level 4):  The user can target one nonliving object within long range that is no larger than the user and whose level is less than or equal to the cypher’s level. The object is transferred directly into a random recursion. If the GM feels it appropriate to the circumstances, only a portion of an object is transferred (a portion whose volume is no more than the user’s).   CHARACTER ARCS Solve a Mystery:  My neighbor Tom Mallard has mysteriously vanished--what happened to him? Current Step: Investigation Learn:  How do I overcome my moving, bending, and breaking things inability? Current Step: Opening
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  7. Athena Galanis an Impulsive Vector who...   TIER 1 EFFORT 1 XP 0   MIGHT SPEED INTELLECT POOL 15 EDGE (1) POOL 13 EDGE (1) POOL 8 EDGE (0)   SKILLS Specialized Speed defense (when not wearing armor) Trained Speed defense (when armored) Initiative Running Climbing Inability Any task that involves patience, willpower, or discipline   SPECIAL ABILITIES (Type) Vector Defensive: You are trained in Speed defense actions when not wearing armor. Enabler. Practiced w/ All Weapons: You can use any weapon. Enabler. Translation: You can participate in he process of traveling to another recursion. You are most effective at easing a translation. Action to initiate. Opportunist: You have an asset on any attack roll you make against a creature within immediate range that has been attacked at some point during the round by someone else. Enabler. No Need for Weapons: When you make an unarmed attack, you can choose whether you make the attack as if using a medium weapon or if using a light weapon. Enabler.   ... Looks for Trouble on Earth SPECIAL ABILITIES (Focus) Looks For Trouble Brawler: You inflict 1 additional point of damage in melee (including with your bare fists). Wound Tender: You are trained in healing.   EQUIPMENT Offensive Strong Unarmed Attack: Medium (5 Damage) Quick Unarmed Attack: Light (3 Damage) 1-step attack advantage Combat Knife: Light (3 Damage) 1-step attack advantage 12ga Shotgun: Heavy (6 Damage) Immediate range Defensive ARMOR:  1 Micromesh Vest: Light (1 Armor) +1 Speed Effort penalty +$200 instead Artifacts Artifact (Artifact Level):  Description Miscellaneous MONEY:  $400 Street clothes First aid kit Utility knife Cell phone   CYPHERS Cypher Limit:  2 Cypher (Cypher Level): Description Cypher (Cypher Level): Description  
  8. Yes, it's kind of the build-up and the not giving into despair that this adventure is trying to emphasize, I think. That's what wins the conflict (and not the individual fighting scenes or NPC scenes).
  9. Kaspar of Ederthal Half Elf Bard 3 AC: 14, HP 22/22, Initiative: +3(+1), Bardic Inspiration used 0/3 Skills bold: proficient, * Jack of all trades modifier applied Athletics: 2 Acrobatics*: +4, Stealth*: +4, Sleight of Hand: +5 Arcana*: +2, Nature: +2, History: +3, Religion*: +2, Investigation*: +2 Animal Handling*: 0, Medicine*: 0, Insight: +1, Survival*: 0 Deception: +5, Intimidation*: +4, Performance14undefined +7, Persuasion10: +5       After a good nights sleep in an actual bed, Kaspar feels like a new man. He gathers his gear at the first rays of sunshine, and walks towards the front of the inn, to be ready for the closer look at the surrounding land, that Ehrick evidently had in mind.  
  10. Thec3 days if back dated as said if dont think needed forvthis part request DL ftom OX and hevwill assign how much to start
  11. So there isnt a thread for each room unless ylur trying to solve the room in downtime. If just working in a room can make thread just for that work. The room are all listed under area of ships for reference.    Hmm no more spell check here....
  12. And with the add in of the heart score (I couldn't find a way for the TOR roller to add it) the final tally will be 33. Very satisfying to finally beat this shadow at something.
  13. Arton of Gram Always it was with the enemy, or at least so the old tales warned. The shadow crept in when weakness and doubt assailed you. Dissension and hatred it always sowed, for such was how it broke the old alliances. But to see Rodwen become Irime and then back again was something new which confirmed a suspicion he had harbored since Haycombe... a mistake perhaps in its deception. Or a limit to its powers.... "Thrice have I faced death since since we agreed to help our allies. Thrice have we refused to surrender. Thrice have you failed to break us. And now your weakness is revealed. You no more hold Irime than I hold poor Haleth. You are but a flickering shadow in the firelight, a thing that can only exist for a short time before the dawn banishes it. I will not yield. The House of Gram will not yield. The alliance of Men and Elves and Dwarves will not yield.  You tell these lies to mask your weakness, you cannot seize your victory or you would have already. You need us to surrender. We. Shall. Not." Arton grasped the only weapon he had at hand, if it even existed. Picking up a gruel bowl he flung it for the shadow's head. He knew it would do no physical harm, but this was not a physical battle he had finally realized.   Burning a point of Fellowship to add the Heart Score    
  14. Blessed by the gods indeed lol, Lu, Damaia, And Mags all makes their save taking only half damage and not being stunned! Lu takes 3 Damage which with Resistance from Blessings of the Raven Queen is dropped to 1 damage lol. Damaia takes 1 Damage. Mags takes 2 Damage.
  15. Greetings.  I am a veteran of 5th Edition Champions and am willing to try my hand at 6th.  I have decided to try to submit a character I didn't get to play as much as I wanted to, though I will obviously have to convert him to the new edition, I don't think that will prove too difficult. The Sphinx is a young man with a wide cultural background, drawn in by his family to be an avatar and champion of the ancient god Thoth.  He is a cross between a mystic and a martial artist mechanically, something of a cultural Nightwing with a magic artifacts and spells in place of a utility belt. The origin of The Sphinx An unlikely Freedonian, Ziyad Maged was born in the late 1990's to a single mother and recent Egyptian immigrant.  His mother, Senet, never told him about her family, who treated her as a disgraceful outcast for having been pregnant out of wedlock, nor of how she came to have not only the means to come to America, but also to stay there and live well.  As a child, these questions were not important to Ziyad, called "Z" by almost everyone other than his mother.  More important were questions of why they were treated so harshly for having come from somewhere else, or what the word "terrorist" meant. Early years of school in Freedom City were hard for Ziyad.  His mother married an American man with a fledgling business, perhaps partially because of her mysterious wealth and his financial needs, but if so, their relationship soon became very close.  His new step-father, Aiden McAllister, was quick to suggest young Ziyad would have an easier time of things abroad, and arranged boarding school first in India, then later, when Ziyad was old enough to express his own suggestions, in China and Nepal.  He knew that his mother and step-father had two children together, his half-brother and half-sister, and, as he grew older, began to realize that he was a fifth wheel to his family, one preferred far away. As Ziyad aged, he grew interested in the philosophy and mysticism of the East.  Though his family insisted that the majority of his scholastic attention be paid to business related courses, his electives were more important to him, and he spent time traveling in between semesters, visiting holy sites and studying martial arts.  By the time he was nearing adulthood, he had enough of a grasp on business matters that he felt he would be able to make a living on his own, but his personal interests were far more esoteric.  He hoped that he would be able to live in the orient and continue to pursue his life there, but soon after he finished his undergraduate studies, he was called home by his family. His mother, always a woman of vibrant health, had contracted an illness that had kept her weak and bedridden, and his step-father had called him home so that he would have someone from the family in the office while he spent more time at home.  The small McCalister business had become a thriving international import/export trading business in the years Ziyad was abroad, and it was important to some of his step-father's clients that someone from the family was close to the day to day operations.  In truth, Aiden had little confidence in his step-son, but wanted to keep up appearances.  He worried what some of his clients would think of his middle eastern step-son, but worried more about his wife's declining health.  As a result, the post Ziyad was called home to fill was light on both responsibilities and authority, but those outside the company wouldn't know that. When Ziyad returned, it was to a house he had never spent more than a few days in at a time during holidays, in a land he was born in but hadn't lived in for years.  His family home was filled with ancient artifacts, many from Egypt, his step-father having always had some fascination with the culture of his mother's birth land.  His mother was often incoherent, but was glad to see her son when she came to her senses.  Her doctors were baffled by the nature of her illness, but she seemed to be slowly weakening, for no reason they could clearly discern.  He began to have strange dreams about his mother's illness, filled with images from Ancient Egypt as he had seen it in movies.  He dismissed the dreams as stress, and tried to pay them no mind. In the months that followed, Ziyad worked diligently during the day, quickly outgrowing his duties in the company and taking it upon himself to look deeper into the company ledgers in hope of finding ways to increase profits and, hopefully, earn the respect of his family.  In the evenings, he worried over his mother, and got to know his siblings for the first time.  Both were thoroughly American, neither showing enough of their mother's heritage to easily be recognized or targeted for their race.  To them, their older half-brother was an oddity with strange stories from far away places.  Over the months that followed, however, they learned that Ziyad was both wise and kind, and that he had a deep care for their mother and wished to be a part of the family.  His siblings began to embrace him, though his step-father remained aloof and stand-offish. In his time at the company, Ziyad quickly came to realize that his step-father was involved in smuggling.  Many of the artifacts displayed at their home were the result of illegal sales, many other, similar artifacts had been transported by the company for sales to others.  While the criminal nature of the activity worried Ziyad, it also didn't surprise him, many in America had been corrupted by a lust for wealth, and the crimes were widely victimless.  He did find other discrepancies, however, someone in the company that he had never met was arranging shipments outside of all the other company interests.  Ziyad resolved to find out who it was by following them to an arranged delivery, hoping to let his step-father know what he had learned so that they could make sure this person was dismissed before they could attract legal scrutiny on the whole company. Ziyad went to the place the next delivery was scheduled for and hid, a digital camera in hand, in hope to put an end to the mystery of what was happening behind the scenes at the family company.  He viewed the clandestine meeting through the zoom lens, all very theatrical, until he saw a face he recognized.  It was his step-father, and the mystery delivery was a weapons shipment.  His step-father had created a false name in the records to conceal his own involvement.  Rather than take pictures as he planned to, Ziyad simply fled, unable to decide what to do. When he arrived home, he locked himself into his room, lying on his bed awake trying to figure out what to do.  He couldn't simply confront his step-father without risking his relationship with his entire family, and the shock of that could drive his mother deeper into illness.  He closed his eyes for a moment, and again, dreams of Ancient Egypt came rushing through his mind, but this time, he was awake.  He opened his eyes, but the images didn't stop.  Instead, a voice appeared in his mind, narrating what he saw in a tongue he had never heard, but somehow understood nonetheless.  Ziyad feared he had gone mad, he grabbed his head with both hands and was about to cry out, when instead a sudden calm fell over him.  The voice told him not to be afraid, and he simply wasn't. In his visions, a bird-headed man appeared to him.  He spoke with a voice that filled Ziyad with calm, stating that it was Thoth, the Egyptian god of wisdom, language, and magic.  He showed Ziyad a story, one of a priest of ancient times that revered Thoth, and in doing so was given great power to do the God's will.  The man had a brilliant blue amulet flowing with divine power, which he used to heal, translate, teach, and bring peace and harmony among others.  This jewel was entombed with the priest upon his death, and laid undisturbed for many years, until men working for Ziyad's step-father discovered the tomb, and plundered it.  Unable to read the ancient warnings, they knew nothing of the powerful curse that protected the priest's artifacts, which followed them all the way back to America.  The priest's amulet, at it's center a star sapphire the size of a man's eye, was eventually given to Ziyad's mother, as the stone was his mother's favorite, and his step-father never tired of giving her expensive gifts. Thoth revealed that the sickness she was experiencing was but the first stage of the curse.  Soon, it would erupt into a terrible plague that would make all that had handled the artifacts or profited from their plunder suffer, weaken, and die.  Not only would those who had a hand in the act die, but those that were closest to them, including Ziyad's family.  Accepting what he was being told as fact, Ziyad pleaded with Thoth for any way to avert the disaster.  He offered to find the amulet and any other artifacts and return them, expose the crime, and even offered to sacrifice himself in order to get the God to end the curse.  Thoth told him that his death would not save his family, but his life could. Ziyad was told that the Gods of old wanted a new place in the world.  Each would, eventually, choose for themselves a champion, and those champions would be the tools through which the world would know the Gods again.  He was told that his father, his real father, was from a bloodline that dated back to Ancient Egypt, and that family had once faithfully served the Gods.  Through dedication to Thoth, Ziyad would be able to end the curse and protect those he loved, but he would have to dedicate himself to the God's will and serve him as his ancestors had.  While not sure what he was getting into, Ziyad agreed quickly, ending his mother's suffering and protecting his siblings was too important to him to doubt his choice. Thoth led Ziyad through the family home, briefly filling his mind with a simple incantation that suppressed alarms and opened locks, leading the young man to collect artifacts that had significance to Thoth.  The last of these, found locked in his mother's personal safe, was the Eye of Thoth, the jewel that had been used ages ago to enact Thoth's will.  The God told Ziyad that he would use the artifacts as his champion, and that his first goal, to show his dedication, would be to leave his home and family behind, and to prepare for the day he would bring his step-father to justice. Taking only the artifacts and the clothes on his back, Ziyad left home.  He emptied his trust of as much money as he could access, and left behind only a note saying that he wished them wealth and happiness, but he couldn't remain with them.  The note also threatened that a dark truth would soon have to come to light, a warning that only his step-father could begin to understand. Days later, a dream came to Ziyad of a crime that would take place in the following days, one that he would have to prevent.  Bringing together the artifacts taken from his home, and wearing the amulet, he transformed himself into an avatar of the ancient Gods.  Taking the name the Sphinx, Ziyad combined his talents and the powers of the amulet to oppose those who would threaten Ma'at, the divine balance of the world.  A new hero from an old time had come to Freedom City.  
  16. Statblock Darhana Female CG Half-elf Ranger (Guide), Level 1, Init 3, HP 12/12,Speed 40ft AC 17, Touch 13, Flat-footed 14, CMD 15, Fort 3, Ref 5, Will 1, CMB +2, Base Attack Bonus 1    2-handed longbow (60) +4 (1d8, x3) Longsword +2 (1d8+1, 19-20/x2) dagger (cold iron) +2 (1d4+1, 19-20/x2) Studded Leather, light wooden shield (+3 Armor, +1 Shield, +3 Dex) Abilities: Str 13, Dex 17, Con 12, Int 14, Wis 13, Cha 10 Condition: None Darhana will cross over the log, slowly and carefully   OOC none  
  17. I am glad yall are enjoying the encounter, my worst fear was it feeling like a slog but your characters are doing rocking so far so many crits already! @Wizard of the Coat It does put him down which means I need to roll everyone in a 30 foot radius to him a DC 14 Wisdom Saving Throw which is Mags, Damaia and Lu. A failure means taking 2d6 psychic damage and being stunned until the end of your next turn. A success takes half damage and is not stunned. @fenrirlokison Who are you hitting with the Eldritch Blast? I didn't see a target in your post or the rolls thread.
  18. Wait, we don't have a kender.  I thought we had a kender.  Uh, send in the barbarian?
  19. Eh, we'll be fine.  Just have the barbarian smash open locks and send in the least popular character to spring the traps. Wait, that's probably Hunni. Uh, send in the kender, they all know how to spring locks and stuff!
  20.     Rodin moves carefully across the ruined courtyard and just into the remains of the chamber now hosting the large oak tree. A glance behind him reveals what appear to be a gaping hole with a hint of stone stairs leading down through a solidly built U shaped wall that once may have had a roof and a sturdy door, but both, if ever they were, are long since gone. Whatever the chamber before him may once have been, all that remains now are some minor rubble and bulk of two large fireplaces at either end of the chamber, each with a few feet of stone chimney still extending above. A stately oak tree has grown up in the dirt floor here.   OOC Note: The Rodin token is now placed as far I assume Rodin entered the oak chamber to inspect it. If he searched it more thoroughly, please let me know. MAP [For sake of clarity, any reference to cardinal directions in posts will assume that North is Top of Map as posted, unless a Compass Rose is visible.]
  21. Hurrying off after taking everyones food order, Irene has plates of steaming shepherds pie set before you lickety split. As you turn your attentions to the task of filling your bellies, the door to the tavern opens and a man slowly enters. He is middle aged and has obviously seen better days. A large blood soaked bandage covers half his face and head. The eye beneath the bandage seems to be the source of all the blood. The man makes his way gingerly to an empty table and struggles down into a chair. "Irene!" He calls out. "Ale!" Irene immediately appears with an ale and sets it down on the table before him.   "By the Gods!" She exclaims upon setting eyes on the man. "Bart, you look no better than you did yesterday. Or the day before for that matter. You feeling any better?"   "Hardly," Bart growls. He takes up the mug of ale and drinks deeply. "Another," he says slamming the mug down on the table.  As Irene heads off, the man watches her go. Then, noticing the inquisitive stares coming his way from a few of the party members,  he barks, "What are you lookin at?"
  22. Statblock Medium humanoid (elf), Chaotic Good Age: 68 years old | Height: 6′–5″ (196 cm) | Weight: 192 lbs. (87 kg) Armor Class: 18 (scale mail, +2 shield) | Max HP: 14 (1d10 + 2 + 2 tough) Speed: 30 ft., swim 30 ft. Proficiency Bonus: +2 STR 12 (+1) Save: +3 Athletics: +3 Carrying Capacity: 180 lb. Lift/Push/Drag: 360 lb.   DEX 14 (+2) Save: +4 Acrobatics: +2 Slight-of-Hand: +2 Stealth: +2☆   CON 14 (+2) Save: +2   INT 10 (+0) Save: +0 Arcana: +0 History: +0 Investigation: +0 Nature: +2 Religion: +0 WIS 17 (+3) Save: +3 Animal Handling: +5 Insight: +5 Medicine: +3 Perception: +7* Survival: +5 CHA 8 (-1) Save: -1 Deception: -1 Intimidation: -1 Performance: -1 Persuasion: -1   ☆ Disadvantage on Dexterity (Stealth) checks from Scale Mail Armor. * Expertise in Perception. Damage Resistances: Cold Damage Immunities: — Conditions: Advantage on saves to avoid or end the Charmed condition, immune to Magical Sleep. Senses: passive Perception 17 (Darkvision 60 ft.), passive Insight 15, passive Investigation 10 Languages: You can speak, read, and write Common, Elvish, Kenderspeak, Kharolian, and Khur. Proficiencies: light armor, medium armor, shields, simple weapons, martial weapons, and horn (instrument). Actions Bonus Actions None Reactions None Other Favored Foe. When you hit a creature with an attack roll, you can call on your mystical bond with nature to mark the target as your favored enemy for 1 minute or until you lose your concentration (as if you were concentrating on a spell). The first time on each of your turns that you hit the favored enemy and deal damage to it, including when you mark it, you can increase that damage by 1d4. You can use this feature to mark a favored enemy a number of times equal to your proficiency bonus, and you regain all expended uses when you finish a long rest. This feature’s extra damage increases when you reach certain levels in this class: to 1d6 at 6th level and to 1d8 at 14th level. Friend of the Sea. You can communicate simple ideas to any Beast with a swimming speed. It can understand your words but you cannot understand it in return.
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